About Us

In 1998, the California Children and Families Act (also known as Proposition 10) was enacted, increasing taxes on tobacco products to provide the funds to create a comprehensive and integrated delivery system of information and services to promote early childhood development from prenatal to age 5. This movement has since become known as “First 5” to emphasize the importance of the first five years of each child’s life.

Research has shown that critical brain growth and important developmental milestones take place in the early years of a child’s life.  First 5 invests in local programs and system’s change efforts focused on young children so that they have the support that they need to grow and listen.  

First 5 Trinity receives state funds that it re-invests back into the community through grant programs directed at improving the well-being of children and families.  Our initiatives increase access to, and raise the quality of, valuable services in our focus areas: Early Learning and Development, Health Initiative, Family Support and Strengthening and Systems Change. We focus on evidence-based and evidence informed programs that build on the family’s ability to meet their greatest needs.  First 5 actively engages in partnerships and fund programs, services and activities that support optimal child development and healthy children who are prepared for school. In 2017, First 5 Trinity County distributed $230,000 in Prop. 10 revenues to programs and activities that meet local needs.


Trinity County’s children are born and raised in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment so that they grow up healthy, prepared to learn and eager to accept opportunities to reach their full potential.


First 5 Trinity County convenes, supports and partners with others to strengthen families, communities and systems of services and supports so that all Trinity County children are prepared for kindergarten and success in school and life.

The Commission

The Children and Families Commission is comprised of nine Commissioners and a staff responsible for carrying out the work of the Commission.


Strategic Plan

In order to accomplish First 5 goals and desired outcomes for children and their families, the Commission invests in programs and activities that are consistent with local priorities established in the strategic plan.

Solicitations/Requests for Funding

First 5 Trinity County operates primarily as a grant-making entity, distributing allocated funds to support services and activities for children, caregivers, teachers and other providers identified through strategic planning.

Financial Statements

The Commission contracts with a CPA firm to conduct an independent audit of the Children and Families Commission Trust in accordance with Government Auditing Standards.