Strategic Investments

The Systems Change Initiative serves as an overarching framework for First 5 efforts. It supports and strengthens First 5 endeavors in our three impact areas: Early Learning and Development, Family Support and Strengthening, and Child Health.

The Early Learning and Development Initiative supports each child’s development of communication, problem solving, physical, social-emotional and behavioral abilities, building on their natural readiness to learn.

The Family Support and Strengthening Initiative ensures that all families are well-equipped to help their children reach their optimal development and full potential by providing nurturing, safe and stable environments.

The Health Initiative combines both the oral and physical health initiatives to create a holistic approach to ensuring the overall health of children and pregnant women.

Funding Opportunities

First 5 Trinity makes funding available to potential partners through a variety of funding opportunities.  Each funding opportunity links to an intensity of anticipated grant funded efforts to an appropriate level of funding.

Funding Schedule

Potential applicants may use the funding schedule to determine the type of funding that may desire and when it will be released.

Mini Grants

First 5 Trinity Mini Grants supply small amounts of funding to assist community projects that support the mission of First 5, that otherwise would not qualify for funding or are not quite a good fit for other funding categories . Mini Grants relieve small cost burdens to bring 0-5 activities to our communities.  Mini Grants are provided to strengthen and expand projects and activities being coordinated by First 5 Trinity and help the First 5 mission. A variety of Mini Grant opportunities for specific efforts may be determined by the Commission.  Applications are released annually in April.

Total Budget for Fiscal Year: $30,000

Request Range: $250-$5,000

Grant Term: Project must be completed within the fiscal year (July 1-June 30)

Mini Grant Request for Funding 2018-2019

Community Grants

First 5 focuses its resources on providing young children and their families with opportunities that they need to reach their highest potential and enter school healthy and ready to succeed.  The Commission invests its local resources in programs and services that are consistent with the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. Community Grants will support community-driven activities that benefit pregnant women, children ages 0-5, their families, and providers working directly with young children in Trinity County.

Total Budget for Fiscal Year: $230,000

Request Range: $5,000-$150,000

Grant Term: Fiscal Year 2018/19-ending on June 30, 2019

Community Grants 2018-2021

Grantee Awards

First 5 Trinity County sincerely appreciates each and every grantee and partner for the projects, services, programs and activities that we have available in our community to serve Trinity County’s young children and families.  We take pride in investing in our community and its bright future!

Awards Fiscal Year 2018/19

Funding Type Grantee Project Name Award Amount
Community Grant Trinity County Office of Education School Readiness $150,000
Community Grant Trinity County Office of Education Trinity Smiles $65,000
Community Grant Human Response Network Welcome Baby Program $35,000
Community Grant Weaverville Parent Nursery Character Counts $35,000
Community Grant Trinity County Office of Education Kindergarten Readiness $20,000
Community Grant Northwest CA Resource District Children’s Garden Project $18,976
Community Grant Trinity County Food Outreach Meals Program $10,000
Mini Grant Weaverville Parks & Rec District Swimming Program $ 5,000
Mini Grant Trinity County Food Outreach Food Bank $ 6,133
Mini Grant Hayfork Valley Park Toddler Swim Program $ 5,000
Mini Grant Human Response Network Car Seat Program $ 5,000
Mini Grant Mountain Valley School District Hayfork Playgroup $ 4,481
Mini Grant Trinity County Public Health TIPS training $ 5,000